Since I’ve already started on the retirement theme today, I might as well continue with this article about boomer women retiring. Well, it looks like there will be a huge wave of boomer women retiring the next few years and now the question is, what will they do with all their time and how can they best plan to enjoy their retirement years and to remain financially secure. May I suggest that they use their free time to become involved in organizations like Antigone? I”m kidding… I must get in that plug for our dear magazine! Here’s the story:

Boomer women are a special breed.

They were the first generation of women to enter the workforce in massive numbers. They also broke the entry barriers, rose through the ranks and some even broke through the glass ceiling to enter management positions and boardrooms across the nation.

Now they’re the first women to retire in large numbers — in many cases, leading the charge. And because female boomers are unique, their retirement issues are new and different from those of their male counterparts and those of working women from earlier generations.

Dr. Margret Hovanec and Elizabeth Shilton have addressed those issues in their book Redefining Retirement — New Realities for Boomer Women. They’ve also detailed practical strategies for creating a healthy, dynamic and secure future for female boomer retirees.

The book, published by Second Story Press, goes beyond the traditional financial content of most retirement books, addressing four key ingredients to assuring a full life, including: money, work, physical health and relationships/emotional health.

After all the barriers that this generation of women have broke and all the glass ceilings that this generation has smashed, I can only say that they definitely deserve to enjoy their retirement years, no matter how they end up spending them! As young women we should always remember to honour these amazing trailblaizing women that went before us and carved room for the paths that we are currently taking! I’m glad that there is a book addressing their particular retirement needs!