Sorry for the erratic blogging! I’ve been sick, I’ve been busy, I’ve been wrapping up a job and trying to start school. Now that I’ve provided you with sufficient excuses for all my blogging inequities… time to blog about something interesting! Well, of course, there are just so many things that I can’t decide which to blog about so I’m going to do a blogging round up of the two stories that I most wanted to touch!

The Things I Wanted to Blog About This Week But Didn’t:

  • Asian women in Vancouver attacked: Apparently, Asian women in particular have been subject to violent attacks and muggings in Vancouver. This is an outrage, as are the apparent motivations behind these attacks.

Burnaby RCMP Const. Kalinda Link calls the attack “random, senseless and cowardly,” but others say it points to a larger trend of violence against women and Asian women in particular.

“It’s really not a single crime that has been committed, this is an epidemic,” said Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer of Women Against Violence Against Women. “Are women not supposed to go out at certain times or to certain places now? This is a societal issue that hasn’t been dealt with.”

Tung Chan, the CEO of SUCCESS, told 24 hours that a rash of assaults on Asian women has the entire community concerned.

“They are preying on this group of people believing they are new to the country and won’t report it to police,” said Chan. “This type of targeting is big concern.”
Chan says it’s an issue that affects the entire region’s livelihood. “An attack on the weakest element of society is an attack on society as a whole,” said Chan. “No one should stand for it.”

  • Australian Men’s Mag Belittles Feminists with Contest: Okay, so it’s not a shocker that a men’s magazine is belittling feminists – especially since this magazine is of the horndog-Maxim variety. It’s also not surprising then that the contest asking for Sexy, Man-hating Lesbian Feminists to pose seductively in it’s pages is a satirical response to criticism from feminists of their Win a Boob Job for Your Girlfriend Contest (Oh, the novels I could write about the problems with such contests! Please feel free to rant in the comments… I give free reign). But did they really need to write this:

The lad’s mag today revealed its new competition – a search “for the hottest girl in sensible shoes” – promising the winner a year’s supply of deodorant and a sexy photo shoot.

“If you hate men, we want to see photos of you in sexy lingerie,” the ad reads.

Thank god someone responds to them:

The message is simple – women are okay as long as they’re playing by the men’s rules (which basically amount to not putting up a fuss about being considered ‘fuckable’). Dissent is possible, but only if expressed in a cutesy pie, not-really-serious, isn’t-she-hot-when-she-pouts-I-just-want-to-bend-her-over-and-give-her-one kind of manner.

Stray from these strict guidelines all you want, but expect to feel the full force of derision – and often violent attempts at humiliation – wafting from the Smoking Room. Worse, expect to be told that your very valid objections are indicative of a complete lack of humour, a determination to ‘spoil it for the boys’ and a total absence of femininity and sexual attractiveness.

Indeed, “Feminist!” has become the rallying attack cry from the armies of men that refuse to acknowledge that a woman’s greatest aspiration isn’t uniquely connected to how much men want to fuck them. Its hissed utterance has become ubiquitous for a host of inaccurate and lazy ideas that only serve to crudely mask the speaker’s own ignorance and disinterest in directly engaging with those he seeks to demonise.

Holy Fricken Yes!!!! That puts so much I’ve wanted to say for so long into such great words!